A work in progress..

Renovations are slowly coming together!

Now that convention season has slowed down a little bit, we are right back into the studio expansion game!

So far… we have gone full Hulk SMASH on the wall, and knocked it down! (who needs walls anyway) As a result, we have essentially tripled our space! With the new wall now up, and the front door moved we have a new larger area! Which means we are one step closer to welcoming our new artists to the team.

OH and What kind of geeks would we be if we hadn’t invested in a few impulse Nerd-decorations? We have just purchased a replica ‘Back To the Future’ Hover board, and a few authenticated Star Wars¬†Skateboards for you to drool over. You are welcome.

There will be more updates next Wednesday, and remember to check us out on Sunday for our fortnightly release of fixed price tattoos. It might just be the theme you are waiting for.

Amy – Promotions Manager

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