Alain Garcia

As a Tattooist

Alain Garcia is a self taught French Award Winning Tattoo Artist. In the Tattoo Industry for over 20 years, he specialises in Black and Grey Realism and horror.

Growing up as a little boy, he became immersed in the geek universe of MARVEL, STAR WARS and KISS.

As a teenager he was particularly blown away by the art of Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. He would see it painted on Vans, Muscle Cars and Bikes. It gave him that energetic passion for Fantasy and Realism.

And then it was just a short bridge to cross to become a Metalhead....who doesn't love fantasy super heroes battling with guitars!! He also liked to spend afternoons in old churches or cathedrals. He fell in love with the architecture and statues rather than going to the museum.

If you are thinking of getting some ink that has a dark edge or is horror movie/TV themed; Alain is your guy. He wants to see your Dark Side.

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