Welcome our new Anime and Pastel Gore artist….Olivia!

It’s been a while between drinks right? So much has been going on. With two tattoo conventions we also have Sydney Supanova this year. But that’s for another article.   Our fine family at Abstruse has now grown even larger. We pride ourselves not only that we are knowledgeable in Pop Culture, but that we […]

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Meet Elli Rose…our new Geometric and Dot Work artist

From the moment we met Elli, we knew she was the perfect fit for our studio. Our first interaction was at the Rites of Passage convention in Sydney 2017. She donned some neat and cool dreads, a groovy dress and a wonderful smile. From the short 30 mins we spent talking with her, we got […]

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Tropicon 2015!

Geektacular-Goodness! On the 11th of July, Paul was lucky enough to visit TropiCon as a special guest. This was a very special convention, as it was the first ever Pop Culture convention to happen in Cairns! There were lots of great people, an excited and enthusiastic vibe, and a whole lot of fun! Paul was […]

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