Elli Rose

As an artist


Elli is best known for specialising in sacred geometry and dot work tattoos. She started tattooing in 2014 and has always loved experimenting with style fusions.

Abstract, psychedelic and creepy elements have been known to find their way into her designs. Growing up with insomnia, vivid dreams and a detailed imagination, Elli has always used art as an outlet. When she wasn’t drawing for hours on end, she’d be getting a hefty dose of sci-fi, horror and eclectic 80s/90s flicks.

Elli is an awkward introvert who enjoys a challenge and will take your tattoo concept to a new level. Whether you want to satisfy your inner child, show your fandom to the world, or have a fun reference to laugh at, Elli will take your idea and run with it.

If you are thinking of getting some ink that has a colourful harmony or a geeky homage; Elli is your artist!

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