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The Artists

Paul Abstruse

Specialist in Comic book style and pop culture portraits

Paul started tattooing when he was 26. Working in studios around Sydney, Australia, he honed his craft doing walk-ins and custom jobs. He then left the industry for a while to persue travel, writing and his comic book work. Recently, in the last few years, he has come back to this amazing artform.

He now specifies in GEEKY orientated tattoos. He uses his 10+ years experience in the Comic book art world and translates it into amazing, bold and vibrant tattoos. With very few people actually specialising in this field Paul is able to bring to life any dream that a customer may have. From a Hellboy sleeve to a small Pokemon wrist tattoo. Paul always take the time to sit down and make sure that you recieve a quality, affordable and unique tattoo that brings to surface the inner Geek.

Mahala Dickeson

Specialist in Disney and Kawaii

Mahala was born and raised in a slightly sleepy little town; Adelaide, South Australia. So from a young age, excitement and adventure were mostly found in books, movies, music and at the end of a pencil.

You would be hard pressed to find her in the ‘real world’, preferring to paint and draw fantastical things at any opportunity.

After getting her first tattoo she fell – like Alice down the rabbit hole – in love with the industry and knew that she wanted to be a part of it. Quickly finding a desire to relive that fun and wonder of our younger years, she prides herself on bright, bold and clean work.

From Disney and Kawaii pieces, to creepy cuties and food tattoos, she will help you bring a little magic and sparkle to your next tattoo.

Elli Rose

Specialist in Geometry and Dotwork

Elli is best known for specialising in sacred geometry and dot work tattoos. She started tattooing in 2014 and has always loved experimenting with style fusions.

Abstract, psychedelic and creepy elements have been known to find their way into her designs. Growing up with insomnia, vivid dreams and a detailed imagination, Elli has always used art as an outlet. When she wasn’t drawing for hours on end, she’d be getting a hefty dose of sci-fi, horror and eclectic 80s/90s flicks.

Elli is an awkward introvert who enjoys a challenge and will take your tattoo concept to a new level. Whether you want to satisfy your inner child, show your fandom to the world, or have a fun reference to laugh at, Elli will take your idea and run with it.

If you are thinking of getting some ink that has a colourful harmony or a geeky homage; Elli is your artist!

Cassandra James

Specialist in Art Nouveau and Pinup

An avid anime fan and gamer, with a background in comic illustration there is little doubt that Cassandra is a massive Geek-a-saurus Rex.

Combining that with her passion for art only made sense, and even at a young age she could be found in the library doodling Sailor Moon characters in her text books when she should have been studying.

Cassandra has worked on such properties as Red Sonja, the X-Men and Superman and is well equipped to bring your favourite characters to life in her own unique, illustrative style. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Alphonse Mucha, Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun and even the cheesecake pin-up painters of the 1950s and 60s, her style combines classic elegance and cheek with modern pop culture imagery.

New to the World of tattooing, during her apprenticeship at the Abstruse Studio, Cassandra hopes to add a touch of class and her own brand of nerdy pizazz to her client’s skin doing Art Nouveau. And of course having fun doing it.

Abbie France

Specialist in Neo trad and Stipple flowers

Originally from a small village in northern England, having ran her own studio for many years Abbie recently moved to Australia to continue her tattooing career.

She thoroughly enjoys tattooing fine line flowers with a strong love for stipple shading and black work. Whilst also enjoying bold neotrad pieces aswell.

From a young age Abbie enjoyed anything artistic, being in the form of painting, illustration, pottery, knitting, books,video games or movies. Some of her favorite movies and games include Aliens, metal gear solid, Witcher, Lord of the rings and Bishock

She went on to study fine art at college and university before deciding tattooing was her true love.

Abbie prides herself on her customer connection and making sure each client feels welcomed, comfortable and at ease with a personal experience to each tattoo

Hana Miyajima

Specialist in Anime and Animals

Growing up reading manga watching anime and making cosplays Hana always had a deep love for the anime world which in turn had a big influence on her art.

After collecting some tattoos of her own she quickly realised how beautiful of an art form tattooing was and made the decision to leap into the industry by searching for an apprenticeship. She soon found herself at home with the Abstruse crew excited to embark on the next step of her art journey.

Alongside her love for anime Hana has a deep rooted love for nature and will spend hours drawing flora and fauna sometimes with a mythical twist.

She went on to study fine art at college and university before deciding tattooing was her true love.

During her apprenticeship Hana hopes to develop and incorporate her painterly style with semi realism and create some cool anime portraits and animal tattoos.

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