Meet Elli Rose…our new Geometric and Dot Work artist

From the moment we met Elli, we knew she was the perfect fit for our studio. Our first interaction was at the Rites of Passage convention in Sydney 2017. She donned some neat and cool dreads, a groovy dress and a wonderful smile. From the short 30 mins we spent talking with her, we got a really good vibe. We could tell she was looking for a place to expand her skills and to find a place where she can feel like it was her home. After all we do spend most of our waking hours at the studio.

After she moved down from up Newcastle way, she was ready to join us and start a hectic and awesome life in Sydney. Since then she has nestled in and shown us that she is quite a wonderful creature. Where the rest of humanity are tightly wound humans, Elli has a peace and love approach to life and her work. She’s extremely passionate about how precise her lines and dots are. And it really shows!

Elli has a very mathematical approach to her geometry and dots. What most of us would find maddening, she can’t get enough of. Her intricacy and attention to detail really shines through. Making her, in our eyes, one of the best geometric and dot artists around town.

The best part of this new entry into our little Geek studio, is she is a massive Geek herself. In fact it’s a prerequisite. With her it was a no brainer. The Stargate artwork on her left arm was a VIP pass to get in. And since she has been with us, she has wowed us with how she has incorporated pop culture into her style.

Colourful and a tad bit psychedelic they always manage to capture your interest and imagination.

Can you imagine anyone else who could do your favourite pop culture character or idea with a really cool Geometric/dot twist? Not me! She is perfect for for us and for your next tattoo project. So if you like her stuff or are just simply curious, why don’t you check out more of her work in the Artists gallery section and then shoot her an email to get that idea of yours happening.


Live long and Mung beans.
Paul Abstruse

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