New Studio is coming together!

Hi guys,

Guess what?….we’re now coming to the tail end of our second studio renovations. We’re super excited to unveil this flagship store to you. As well as being state of the art, it will host a swag of new collectables on the walls. The colour scheme is continued from our boutique Leichhardt studio, so it’ll still have that warm friendly feel. We’ll still be doing comic book tattoos, anime tattoos, superhero tattoos as well as black and grey horror tattoos. We’ll also have Mahala doing her Kawaii tattoos and we’ll have a new member joining us hopefully doing geometry stuff. It’s a very exciting time.


Oh and the last awesome thing we’ll be adding as well as all of the graphic novels you can get your hands on to read during your sessions, is a custom made Arcade table that will hold over 10,000 games……i know right? Amazeballs. So for the time being, feast your eyes on the progress and keep your eyes peeled for the grand opening!


ps: if you are an artist looking for a position, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to consider you.

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