Studio Updates!

New years resolutions!

Here at Abstruse Tattoo Studio we have a few new-years resolutions that we feel you might be pretty excited about. So read on my younglings and share our excitement.

  • Personalised line of Geek Jewellery – With the expertise of Megan Goby, the founder and entrepreneur behind the works of Etchcut design. Abstruse Tattoo Studio, has developed a signature line of custom jewellery aimed at satisfying the geek at heart. Please view –


  • Abstruse Inc – For those of you who have been waiting… pilot episodes for our NEW web-series are nearly ready to post. Paul and the incredibly talented , Karl Fernando have been working tirelessly to manufacture an exciting, fun and visually stimulating piece of work. I think you will all be pleased with the result – so please WATCH THIS SPACE.


  • Screen used props – Our collection is growing! Our walls are adorned with certified props such as; Kryptonite from Superman Returns, Scroll from the ‘great wall’ of Underworld Evolution, and stunt T1000 bullet hole from movie Terminator. Plus, many, many more! Lots of unique official screen used props for you to fan girl/boy over.


  • No Regrets Tattoo Removal – We have partnered with Sally, who brings great rates in her boutique studio in Marrickville NSW. She is a master of making those regrettable choices into a blank slate for prime, beautiful geeky art. Please view –


We LOVE making your geeky dreams come true, that’s why we work so hard to keep things fresh and exciting! So please stay tuned, I’m sure there will be countless more delights for you to enjoy on your next visit.

Amy xx

Promotions Manager

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