Tropicon 2015!


Paul Abstruse

On the 11th of July, Paul was lucky enough to visit TropiCon as a special guest. This was a very special convention, as it was the first ever Pop Culture convention to happen in Cairns! There were lots of great people, an excited and enthusiastic vibe, and a whole lot of fun!

Paul was able to get up to lots of shenanigans with the other guests, such as Wayne Nichols and Dean Rankine. They had a chance to explore Cairns before the convention, and in true nerd style managed to come across K.I.T.T from Knight Rider!


Overall, it was a busy convention with over 2000 attendees! Which is an amazing turn out for a first show. We are looking forward to heading back next year, and are excited for an even bigger show!


– Amy Promotions┬áManager

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