Welcome our new Anime and Pastel Gore artist….Olivia!

It’s been a while between drinks right? So much has been going on. With two tattoo conventions we also have Sydney Supanova this year. But that’s for another article.


Our fine family at Abstruse has now grown even larger. We pride ourselves not only that we are knowledgeable in Pop Culture, but that we strive to make the best tattoos with our super skilled artists. We want to bring you the best pop culture tattoos, cartoon tattoos, portrait tattoos, geometric tattoos, Art Nouveau tattoos and anime tattoos that Sydney tattoo studios can offer.

So bring your hands together for a warm welcome; Olivia Marian our Anime and Pastel Gore specialist.


Olivia is so passionate about her work. She has an amazing bubbly personality and will engage with you throughout the whole tattoo talking about your favourite Anime.

She hails from Switzerland and has loved Anime for as long as she can remember. Now settled here in Sydney, she wants to share her passion with you. I mean just look at this tattoo:

Her use of Pastel and dark shading is something that Australia hasn’t seen before. And the great thing is, nearly every piece she does is a custom job. Her ability to draw anime is on par with the pro Manga artists.

If you have any Anime tattoo ideas, Olivia is your lady. Ranging from Akira to Dragon Ball Z to Sword Art Online, She can do it.

So why don’t you shoot her an email today to have a chat about your idea:


She would love to hear from you.


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