From a young age, Ken loved to draw. Though in High School when Ken failed Art in his HSC due to disagreeing with the content, Ken stopped concentrating on his art. Disheartened by the comment that his final artwork was copied out of a Tattoo magazine, slowly his interest took a back seat in his younger adult life. Ken then turned his focus on a new career, his family and decided to follow the stereotypical Aussie dream.

But as fate would have it, everything led him back to drawing. His father-in-law saw all of Ken’s old drawings and pushed to him to start drawing again. He helped him focus on his art, thus profiting a career out of his love for art. He started an airbrushing business in 2005.

From this, the alter ego of T.M.D was born. TMD comes from Taylor Made Designs, a mantra that he now lives by. Striving to bring his clients imaginative and unique designs. Coincidently from airbrushing Ken was pulled closer to the Tattoo culture. As both have very similar content and clients. Through this new interest is how TMD Taylor got his start in the Tattoo Industry.

Ken has a passion for Transformers, Pop vinyls, Marvel and Star wars.

A decade on in the industry, Ken is taking new steps in fine tuning his skills, developing a renewed passion for his art and love for pop culture to help deliver better tattoos for himself and all of his clients.