Our speciality is doing Geek themed tattoos. What is a geek tattoo? Tattoos that contain anything from popular culture. Eg: Gaming, comic books, anime, cartoons, movies, card games, cosplay and the like.

Abstruse tattoo studio prides itself on the fact that we offer high quality custom made tattoos. They can range from a small wrist tattoo to a large sleeve. If you have an idea, then it’s possible.

Fix\Cover ups

We also specialise in fixing up old worn out and misshapen tattoos. We even love it if you have an unfinished tattoo.  It doesn’t even have to be geeky. We are happy to look at it and see how we can make it bright, bold and beautiful again.

Cover-ups can be done sometimes. It depends on the complexity and darkness of the existing tattoo. It’s best to have a consultation with your preferred tattooist about it.


We offer free consultations. We will sit down with you and layout exactly how you would like your tattoo to look. Each tattooist is different, but they always deliver the service you want. Each tattooist brings their years of experience to the table to offer value and insight.  We are a clean, affordable, honest, friendly and reliable tattoo studio. Because we know that a tattoo is for life and sometimes it’s a big decision. So we’ll take extra effort to care of you and make you feel at home.