The Studio

Mystical Training:

Every tattoo artist that works at Abstruse Tattoo studio starts their training on the planet Dagobah. There they go through rigorous training. They learn to deal with the dark side of the force and to not be tempted by greed or rushing a tattoo job. Indeed it is easy to succumb to the dark side. But a selfless life is the one of a Jedi tattooist. They spend a lot of time learning that the client comes first. That their needs, ideas and worries are looked after. They are taught to spend quality time in a consultation. And to make sure all the bases are covered using their knowledge learned from their masters.

During their training they are taught the ways of the force. They use the powers of the force combined with an artistic background to bring to life a very special custom tattoo piece that is especially made for that client. What ever it may be, you can rest assured that they are specialists in their chosen fields. Our tattoos cover every geek genre: comics, gaming, movies, Cartoons etc.

Many years are also spent meditating. They concentrate on how to improve their skills and to always to mind their surroundings. They meditate to insure the comfort of their client is achieved. Our Jedi tattooists are gracious hosts as well. Calming tea, cold drinks, cookies and reading material are served for those that wait. And our tattooists are proficient in over 500 languages. Nearly as good as a protocol droid.

The initial stages go by as an apprentice. We are forever learning more about the force. In fact the learning never stops. Even to this day, we pack up and carry all of our tattoo equipment in backpacks while doing flips in the Dagobah swamps. It helps us become more in touch with ourselves and the force.

But there comes a time, when master Yoda says we are ready. Then and only then do they become a Jedi in the art of tattooing. From Dagobah, they travel to our studio and they are welcomed onto the council as a master. The master Jedi tattooist has developed a specialist style and has over the years developed a passion for geek culture as well.

For us at Abstruse Tattoo Studio, we push ourselves to always ask….”can we do this better”? Because of our thorough training the words of Master Yoda will always stay with us:

“Do or do not. There is no try”.

This rad hermit called Yoda

We live by these words. And that is our motto. Each and every tattoo is a work of art.

The Studio

A well trained Jedi tattooist isn’t a Show Pony with attitude either. Just down to earth people who love art. Geek art. And each of our Jedi tattooists are fully licensed and adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness. They use disposable equipment where possible. If you ever have any questions, we are always happy to answer.

When you enter our studio, Jedi or not, you will surely come to appreciate all of the lovely geek relics that adorn our walls. They help us focus our energy into you and your design. This is a home for geeks. We strive to make everyone feel at home. And even if you’re not a geek, you are welcome.

And as our studio is located in Leichhardt, it’s close to public transport (light rail station: Taverners Hill) (train station Summer Hill) and with lots of on street parking there are plenty of ways to get here.

If you have an inquiry, feel free to email the studio or your preferred Jedi tattooist on their gallery page.