Our Artists

Sapphire (1st year apprentice)

Specialist in:
fine line, witchy stuff, black work, horror

Desiree (1st year Apprentice)

Specialist in:
Trad, Neo-Trad and Black work

Brytani Lee

Specialist in:
Embroidery, Glitter, Liquid and Anime

Paul Abstruse

Specialist in:
Colour realistic portraits and Comic Book Style

Cassandra James

Specialist in:
Art Nouveau, Pin-Up and Watercolour

Ken Taylor

Specialist in:
Cyber Punk, New School, Black and Grey

Our Studio

When you first step into our studio you are immediately transported into a world of pop culture. Featuring screen used movie props to vintage collectable toys to UCS sets of LEGO. It becomes apparent that we are massive fans of all things geek. Our aim is to set the pop culture lover at ease. Frequently we are told by our clients our studio feels like their home.

Truth be told though, that’s not the most magical part of our studio; the artists are what truely make it. Hand selected for their passion for pop culture, artistic skill and their ability to make your tattoo dream come true. These artists work overtime to bring you the most magical tattoo possible. And one of things that helps them achieve this is each artist is a specialist in two-three styles of tattooing. That way they can perfect the craft and style they work in.

Abstruse tattoo studio has only one location now; the main studio in Hurlstone Park. The studio is appointment only, meaning we don’t take walk-ins. We also don’t have a studio phone. The reason for these are because we aim to give each client the attention they deserve. If you want to enquire about pricing, an artist or a particular design, we encourage you to email the studio (on the contact page) and Paul will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you real soon 🥰.