Desiree has had a love of art for as long as she can remember – and drawing ever since she could hold a pen. However, she never quite knew where to direct this passion, and ended up in a variety of different careers from graphic design to computer programming. Des’s fascination with tattoos started with live music (she’s a big fan of heavy metal!), but it wasn’t until she got her first tattoo that it all clicked into place. She fell in love with the unique art form and experience, and wanted to become a tattoo artist to create beautiful art for her clients and pass on this positive experience!

Fast forward to today, Des is excited to be on her journey as a tattoo apprentice at Abstruse Tattoo Studio, as it was the perfect place to combine her love of tattooing and pop culture. When not drawing, she can be found getting deep into fantasy/sci-fi novels, anime/manga, Star Wars lore and tabletop gaming. Des is keen to hone and explore her craft, with a particular interest in bright & bold traditional and neo-traditional styles, to dark & moody blackwork – creating classic tattoos with a pop culture or fantastical twist!